Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Mexico City

Lead Global 360°members are dedicated to developing Kingdom-minded business leaders through:

 - Training Seminars that bring understanding regarding the '7 Spheres of Society' application and how it applies to building a Kingdom business. 

 - Encouraging Member-to-Member connections to facilitate equipping Kingdom-minded business leaders

 - Assisting in business development with various methods including venture capital, Micro banks, and other methods.

 - Mentoring individuals and small groups

 February 18 - March 3: Santa Cruz, Bolivia 

 April 13 - 14:   Sao Paulo, Brazil

 May 17-21:       Merida, Mexico

 August 22-26: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico


Belo HOrizonte, Brazil

Training  in 2017 Included:

 Hong Kong-Malaysia

LEAD Global 360° 

 Advancing Kingdom Enterprise Leaders… Globally